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October 2nd 2009
International flavour for World Food Day

MasterChef move over! Members of Townsville’s multi-cultural community are hitting the kitchen on Monday October 5 with recipes for healthy traditional dishes to promote World Food Day (October 16).

World Food Day will be held at the Townsville Multicultural Support Group grounds on October 16, and will involve refugees and migrants showcasing healthy and affordable traditional foods during a taste testing event at lunch.

The Townsville Multicultural Support Group, in partnership with Queensland Health (Health Promotion Unit) and Townsville City Council, are holding the event to promote the theme ‘Healthy Food is Affordable’ for World Food Day.

The event will complement a program in which up to 14 refugees and migrants are participating in education sessions, conducted by Naomi McGrath, Community Nutritionist with Queensland Health, on adopting a holistic, healthy lifestyle as part of the Eat Well Be Active Community Partnerships Program funded by the Department of Communities (Sport and Recreation).

The program is coordinated by Geri Crouch of the Townsville Multicultural Support Group.

Ms Crouch believes refugees and migrants possess valuable knowledge that can benefit the Townsville community’s eating habits and their food budgets. “Many refugees and migrants grow their own vegetables and eat wholesome, unprocessed foods. Their diet consists of such staples as vegetables, fruit, legumes, rice, maize, millet, fish and occasionally meat and chicken”, Ms. Crouch said.

One of the participants of the education sessions, Mrs. Immaculee Nyiraneza from Rwanda, also believes that eating healthy food is inexpensive. “I grow my own vegetables and when I go shopping, I look for specials and avoid buying processed food as much as possible. When I came to Townsville, I found that much of the food was similar to what is available in Rwanda such as vegetables, fruit, beans, peanuts, rice, maize meal, fish, chicken, meat, eggs, break and milk”, Mrs. Nyiraneza said.

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International flavour for World Food Day
Terence B Bailey
October 18th 2009
On a recent holiday on your lovely Island I & my familey came across a vegetable bought at the supermarket in Nellie Bay,they looked like Bean Sprouts but they had there own flavour ie vanilla, I think. can you help with the name of these,please.

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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