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August 5th 2009
Les wants rethink on Ocean Terminal

The proposed TOT with residential development Following the collapse of the project's developer, City Pacific Finance, the Mayor, Cr Les Tyrell, said Townsville could not wait forever for an ocean terminal to be built in the city.

“The project in its current form is now in grave doubt, if not dead, and its time to put the residential aspects to one side and just get on with building the ocean terminal,” Cr Tyrell said.

“All the way along we have been told by the State Government we cannot have the ocean terminal without the residential development.

“We were prepared to give the project a go subject to a number of our concerns over the residential development being addressed, but we can’t go on waiting forever.

“It’s time for a change of thinking and for the Government to work with the council, the Port, Defence and other stakeholders on how the ocean terminal can now proceed and not when and if the overall project can be resurrected.

“The city’s business community and the general public are fully supportive of an ocean terminal and the significant economic benefits it will bring the city.

“I will be writing to the Premier, Anna Bligh, and the Treasurer Andrew Fraser suggesting that the Government take a new approach to delivering the ocean terminal.

“We are still prepared to support a combined project, subject to agreements on infrastructure costs and port compatibility, but in the current circumstances the ocean terminal should come first.”

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Les wants rethink on Ocean Terminal
August 6th 2009
I can't believe the way our various levels of government communicate with each other. Anna Bligh and the Queensland Government have sequestered and concentrated absolutely all decision making about the Ocean Terminal inside the back rooms of government in Brisbane. The Premier has passed legislation to prevent anybody interfering in the approval or construction process and has proceeded with almost ludicrous secrecy to foist on Townsville a gigantic development completely at odds with commonsense, common decency or economic reality.
If Mayor Tyrell really wants to change the game plan he needs to get the Premier to wheel the whole project back out into the public sphere and expose it to some light and oxygen. It is clear that considerable hanky panky of the jobs-for-the-boys kind was going around when Peter Beattie kick started the Ocean Terminal process about three years ago. It was bad enough when property trusts could pretend to have money - it's simply pre-historic and stupid now.
The people from CityPacific explained that a development in the DuckPond would require one million tonnes of breakwater rock to be delivered to the site. Probably from Roseneath quarry just out of Townsville. Think about it. That's twenty thousand (20,000) fifty tonne truckloads. Of course they won't load it onto barges (thereby double handling it) so each of those 20,000 loads will have to come down either Flinders Street or the Strand - unless the good burghers of Townsville are prepared to see Ross Creek closed by a (three year) temporary bridge.
So good luck Les Tyrell. Anna Bligh's dogged and underhand pursuit of the Ocean Terminal / world's biggest luxury locked gate canal estate will not be railroaded by some hicktown bogans and their gumshoe mayor. Don't you worry about that!
Pam Blanchard
August 6th 2009
I agree that the Terminal should come first before the residential development. Just look at the amount of empty/unoccupied units at Nelly Bay harbour, but this of course may not apply to Townsville as such.
Barbara Gibbs
August 6th 2009
What about the fact that this terminal jutts out so far into the ocean that it cannot help but affect the longshore drift and downline effects?

Why is it absolutely necessary to have this terminal if the harbour isn't suited to it? Why do we have to always follow the mistakes of the USA? There are so many more important things in life to spend money on, instead of trying to recreate coastlines.

Maybe it is time for the local council to actually study some ocean science books and see what has happened overseas from these obstructions.

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