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November 1st 2008
The Croc from EPA

The Croc from EPA It's been a big news week on Magnetic and, in the spirit of Island folklore, Magnetic Times proudly presents a poem to mark the occasion.

The Croc from EPA

There were many in the water
when the word was passed around
that the croc from EPA had got away
Wired to a satellite
they thought it could be found
But the croc had headed north for Cockle Bay

"What a croc this croc has put me in."
moaned the expert in his sleep
"We moved him over a 1000ks
he seemed so happy
down there in Barramundi Creek."

But it was true
there's no stronger glue
that a croc feels when on the roam
for all their fierce and wiley ways
this saltie still called Cape York home

Now dusk glowed on a lovely Isle
a tinnie skimmed the sea
the occupants - a bloke called Wighty
with his gal Maree
off to check the crab pots
and maybe troll a line
when they saw a floating log
or so it seemed - at the time.

That's a funny log thought Wighty
been no rain for weeks
somethin's sus about that thing
Better take a peak

"Be buggered" cried Wighty, "It's a friggin' croc
Just like the ones in Weipa
must be 10 or 12 foot at least
and big enough to eat ya!"

So Wighty wielded the tinnie fast
and sped towards the shore
where swimmers splashed
and dogs paddled like
the best bait there is
to fit a big croc's jaws

"Eh!" said Whighty
"A croc's out there
better get right out."
And so the fear of swimming here
began at once
he didn't need to shout.

First thing next morn
Wighty warned
the Rangers 'bout the creature
The word was spread
about the Rock
and signs soon closed the beaches

And so we lived in the
fearful time
of entering the water
and stories grew
that there were two,
the gummint hadn't thought it through
and that they really oughta

But out in the warm and saltie sea
our croc's old instinct
wasn't what it used to be
Where is north? He thought, and my old home?
I've lost my way out here alone

Bearings aint what we crocs normally lose
But this island makes me feel
like something in my head's
become magnetically confused

So up and down, around and back and forward
The croc they now called Wighty
struck fear and fascination
and the media covered it nightly

And then one dawn
a woman walked
to the mouth of Retreat creek
and their she saw
with gaping jaw
our Wighty fast asleep

But soon he woke
and in he slid
to hide down in the deep
The EPA were on their way
with traps and nets and
an aerial with a box that made a beep

"He's there, He's there, we've got him now!"
The Rangers cried in joy
"We'll net the creek and set our traps
and wait all night and then we'll have our boy

But one night passed and then another
but Wighty didn't show
and then the box that made a beep
said it didn't know.

"We had him here we know we did
how could he get away?"
The rangers they were all forlorn
There could be hell to pay.

He must have walked across the dune
escaped when it was dark
but not a track of any sort
was found for near or far

And so a mystery was born
and Wighty earned a surname
"Houdini" it was for this
elusive reptil-i-ian

Soon back in view at Picnic too
Houdini was all the talk
the business people cried
and called for compo for lost work

And politicians joined the fray
and one was "flabbergasted"
But when it came to those gone bust
support had turned to dust

And then it came
on a day of rain
when our croc was down
at Ned Lees Creek
lying quiet and deep
but the rangers had him found

They prodded him with poles and barbs
and dragged him to the shore
then wrapped him up with gaffer tape
but didn't harm him more.

So now we know Houdini
and we know it's sad to say
that you wont make your way back home
But the island you swam round and round
will not forget the days
when a big saltie croc
got lost and found
by the EPA

George Hirst 2008

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The Croc from EPA
Peter & Sally
November 1st 2008
Well done George and brilliant coverage of "Wighty Houdini" may he find a happy home well away from Magnetic Island!
November 1st 2008
Well done George! Fully sums up the adventure...very poetic!
jenny stirling
November 1st 2008
Good to see George that handling 'Wighty' can draw wit if not wisdom.

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