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August 27th 2008
Win a double pass to Love's Labour's Lost

The King of Navarre and his entourage, sign an oath, to forego all worldly pleasures for three years and devote their lives to celibacy and the study of all things masculine. But can the boys keep their promise when the Princess of France and her posse arrive? That's something you will find out if you attend Tropic Sun's forthcoming production of Shakespeare's "Love's Labour's lost" or, if you are successful in Magnetic Times' nifty new competition.

Love's Labour's lost is being performed at Queen's (botanical) Gardens in North ward from 6.30pm on Tuesday 2nd September, running for 2 weeks (to Saturday 13th Sept)

This delightful play, set in France, and with much of the action in parklands of palaces, is a wonderful fit for the glorious setting of the botanical gardens

It's romance at twenty paces and while all's fair in love and war the winner of our competition has a challenge: a lovely labour and one not to lose.

We are simply calling on you our News Club readers to make up as many words of three letters or more as you can from the letters in the words: "Love's Labours Lost." That's it and, like scrabble, we are not accepting names so no Robs or Ros thanks.

Judging will take place and the winning longest list will be announced on Magnetic Times after 6pm Sunday August 31 (close of comp) night. We suggest that you also include your phone number with your entry so we can make sure you are notified asap.

To make your entry just utilise our Comments Box below. We wont be posting the entries until the winner is known so happy word hunting News Clubbers.

To be eligible to enter our competition however you need to be a member of the Magnetic Times News Club which is free and means you will receive an emailed alert containing the first paragraph of our latest news stories as they are posted. You can then decide if you wish to link back and read the whole story. To join the News Club just key your email address into the yellow slot below our section's headings in the left side column then click on "Register".

Love's Labour's Lost is directed by the gifted Terri Brabon, and with a special cameo performance from Brendon O'Connor. Terri and Brendan were both members of the Tropic Sun ensemble in the early days of their careers and are now coming back from Melbourne, where they have been based in recent times, to rekindle their bonds with the team up here.

Brendan is a "TV face" that everyone recognises from Neighbours and similar shows, he is also a remarkable straight actor. All the other key parts are played by professional actors from the Tropic Sun Company; however, this is Tropic Sun's annual "sharing" with the community, and the company have several of Townsville's best and most experienced community actors in supporting roles.

We have also learned from Tropic Sun's Lorna Hempstead that the play's running time is Islander friendly - everyone returning to the Island will make the 10pm ferry comfortably.

For any more information you require regarding Love's labour's Lost Ph: (07) 4721 5433 or Email: or visit the website

To add your entry go to the comment's box at bottom

Win a double pass to Love's Labour's Lost
Olivia Illidge and Maeve Glavin-Quane
September 6th 2008
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September 11th 2008
Not sure about 'tossers' (I s'pose if you can have one you can have two) but what about 'loll' and 'lolls'?

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