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July 8th 2008
Yoga home delivered

Daniela Ceccarelli Have you wanted to try Yoga but don't feel like you are quite ready to attend a class yet? How about some private tuition to regain your flexibility and confidence?

If regular classes don't suit you, then why not give Magnetic Island's most experienced yoga teacher, Daniela Ceccarelli, a call.

Dani has designed a system of private tuition which encourages the development of a regular home practice.

Instruction is given on a monthly basis and you will take home a Yoga practice to suit your physical needs and to fit within your time commitments.

One on one tuition available

Dani's specialty is the physically intense Ashtanga Yoga form. However, through her studies of other styles of yoga she is able to modify this demanding practice to suit many levels of ability.

"Having an understanding of many Yoga styles gives me the ability as a teacher to modify traditional Yoga poses in a way that enables everyone to practise them", Dani said.

As well as private tuition Dani has also worked with visiting business groups including major companies who include morning yoga classes with Dani to enhance workshops and get-away conferences they hold on Magnetic Island.

Dani is always happy to tell you much more about yoga and her classes and can be contacted on (07) 4758 1866 or emailed:


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Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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