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May 31st 2008
I dream't of her in Punari Street

The poet who submitted this piece wishes to remain anonymous but claimes that the event described "really happened".

I dreamt of her in Punari Street

Yes, I sang with uncle,

I learnt his secret.

How a blackman

for the white

took the children.

How unlce

Took to grog

Woke up in prison-

It changed his life .

I know the poet

Who sat with him .

Last time we met-

From a distance looks of scorn-

from both.

Why- with no ill will?

Why did I dream of her in Punari st in a flannelette shirt

Before I learnt of his death in the paper?

And why was it her with him in the picture?

I know they can sing people to death!

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Readers comments
Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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