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May 29th 2008
Most bus fares drop with new qconnect system

Magnetic Island will experience a new, standardised bus transport system known as qconnect starting on June 10.

Launching qconnect in Townsville on Monday, the Minister for Transport, Trade, Employment and Industrial Relations, John Mickel, said the new system was designed to provide a high standard of public transport services to regional Queensland.

"For Magnetic Islanders, it means bus fares will be charged according to a new qconnect zonal system, which will especially benefit commuters travelling longer distances." Mr Mickel said.

"The current system for three and four-bay fares will become three and four-zone fares, and will see a reduction in price from $3 to $2.40 and from $4 to $3.10 respectively.

"The only fare increase will occur with the least-used fare on the island, which encompasses Picnic Bay. That impact will be minimal and, I believe, far outweighed by the other fare reductions and service improvements."

According to the Minister, qconnect fare and ticketing changes will provide more equitable fares across the state and an integrated ticketing system so only one ticket is needed to move from one service to another within the number of zones purchased.

Click (here) for a link to the qconnect brochure which further explains the new system.

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