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October 11th 2007
CURLEW CALLING: Friends of Magnetic Island newsletter No 4. August 2007

WELCOME BACK. We are still here and hopefully going to do some interesting things this year. A warm welcome to all our Friends who arrived back on the Island for the winter months and a big hello to those lucky people who live here permanently.

The weather has been a bit crazy this year with prolonged cool periods and particularly some colder nights.

The developments on Bright Point, now called Mantra, are completed and tenanted. The Blue on Blue resort closer to the terminal is almost ready for occupancy although at this stage completion of some of the resort's development on Sooning Street has been postponed.
Contact: John Marlton


Friends of Magnetic Island was formed in 2004 as a working group of the Magnetic Island Community Development Association [MICDA].

Our aim, for example, is to support special projects; to assist local organisations in a range of social and environmental activities and to enlist volunteers to assist in a range of Island activities.


1] Beach Party-Free Sausage Sizzle: MICDA members, Island residents, visitors, friends and friends of friends are invited to our beach party and sausage sizzle to be held at the Picnic Bay barbecue area near the jetty starting at 6pm on 22 August 2007. We hope this will be an opportunity to meet and share the life of our wonderful island and to hear any ideas of how to keep it wonderful. Please bring salads crockery, chairs tables and drinks as required. So come along and join in. Islanders just love a get-together.

2] Wallaby Feeding: As a special project we are currently investigating the need to erect a sign concerning the feeding of the rock wallabies at Bremner Point, Arcadia.

There has been concern for some time about the poor condition of the wallabies and the poor diet they are being fed by well meaning but ill informed tourists and islanders. As a result we are trying to arrange for a permanent notice board to be erected there in consultation with Fantasea Cruising Magnetic [the barge company] and Patrick Centurina at Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service and others.

For your information the following details unsuitable and acceptable foods for wallabies:

UNSUITABLE FOODS: bread, cabbage, rhubarb, parsley, broccoli, cauliflower, brussel sprouts, lettuce, and common potatoes.

ACCEPTABLE FOODS: wild parrot mix with cracked corn, wheat, lucerne, hay, carrots, sweet potatoes, apples, paw paw and rock melons.

Please inform others that bread causes wallabies to become blind and the other unsuitable food does not meet their dietary requirements and makes them prone to illness and a slow death. For further information contact Rosie Whalen 47785951.


The Island community is being well served by U3A. Both body and mind are well catered for with three languages on offer- French ,Spanish, and Japanese as well as Don Kinsey's very popular " Land and Sea" lectures. You may also like to join the recorder group, Tia Chi, computer users, music appreciation or the singing group. For further information contact Don Kinsey 47581349.


It is always a joy to return home from various volunteering stints to find the adventurous spirit alive and well on Magnetic. I asked one of our local sailors, who has found the Island to be a magic place, to tell his following story and how he connects with our wonderful island community. We have other Yachtie stories to relate and they will be told in later newsletters.

" My name is Kerry Dillon and I have lived on the Island for over four years. My family and I moved up to North Queensland from Brisbane in 1998. This was the first time I visited the Island as a day tourist and spent the day at Alma Bay. It was then that my wife and I fell in love with the Island and what it had to offer. When the opportunity came to live and work here I jumped straight into it.
Since moving and living here, we have experienced all the Island has to offer: bush walking, swimming, snorkelling, dinning out, community involvement , making good friends and yachting.

After a year on the Island, I was fortunate to be able to purchase a yacht which enabled me to enjoy more of the Island as there is a lot of the Island that is not accessible by land and only by boat. It was from this that I was introduced to the Tall Ships, namely the South Passage, where I have been involved as a Watch Leader. Being a Watch Leader on the South Passage has developed not only the students that I have been involved with but also myself. It gives tremendous satisfaction working with the youth of the area, seeing them come board, some shy, some over confident, and before the end of the journey you see them develop into a united team and as such a valuable member of the crew of the vessel. I recommend to any parent if they have the opportunity to allow their child on such a voyage, they would not be disappointed with the outcome.

Rotary is also another area where I am involved within the community . It gives me great pleasure to give back my time to this community of friends that I consider myself to be part of....Kerry Dillon "


We need help for say 2-3 hours a morning to man/women the MiCDA stall at the Horseshoe Bay Markets on the last Sunday of each month from about 9.30am to 1-2pm. If you could help please contact John Marlton 47785717.


Our thanks to Trish Hamilton for putting this newsletter together.

SOME FRIENDS CONTACTS: John Marlton 47785717; Kelly Marlin-Zwa 47581426; Trish Hamilton47785754.

CURLEW CALLING: Friends of Magnetic Island newsletter No 4. August 2007
November 28th 2008
Hello ,My name is gina passfield and I would like to know if you have someone on Magnetic Island who would be able to advise me on the whereabouts of a plaque which was placed on Mt Cook in memory of my father John Bowkett and his friend Peter Heatherington around about 1962 1963. the plaque is on a granite rock facing Townsville. I am told that it is accessable with a walk but I am unsure of which of the tracks would get me there. Any help in this matter would be appreciated as I will be there this weekend and have time to go and find it if I can.

Thank you for your help

Regards Gina

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Syl Hayes In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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