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November 1st 2006
CURLEW CALLING: ................No 3. Nov 2006

INTRODUCTION: As Friends Co-ordinator I wish to apologise to members for the lapse during 2006 of Friends activities. For a number or reasons it wasn't possible to get Friends up and running this year and for that reason we will waive a subscription payment for 2006.You will shortly receive the 2007 renewal notice.

However, we now have an enthusiastic group of interested people coming together so 2007 should be a good year. We have in mind that during the winter months when most of our members visit the Island we will arrange a number of social 'get-togethers'. We are also planning a substantial project that Friends could sponsor in 2007 and which would be a real asset for the Island but more about that later.
For those of you who visited the Island during the winter months you would have seen the resort and apartment developments that have arisen around the ferry terminal area. It is rumoured that one of the Nelly Bay developments has temporarily suspended some of its construction and the major developments proposed for Alma Bay and Radical Bay have been postponed. While it is a personal opinion it is hoped that any future major developments on the Island will be environmentally, visually and architecturally sensitive.
Should you wish in any way to contribute financially or offer other support to any of the projects detailed below please communicate directly with the contact persons listed.

John Marlton

An Excerpt from the MICDA President's Report for 2005 by Lorna Hemstead

"The 2005 year saw some great new initiatives for the Association, and thus for the Island.

At the request of Horseshoe Bay shops and restaurants and some of the Island's market stall operators, we met in the early part of the year to investigate the feasibility of regular markets at Horseshoe Bay. Council permissions were sought and given, insurance was organised, our bond paid, and the markets commenced mid year, and are proving most successful. A review just a couple of months ago has changed the pattern to drop markets after Christmas in the wet season, and to recommence in April, or at Easter, whichever comes first!

Australia's Open Garden Scheme came to Magnetic Island on the Queens Birthday weekend last year - very much driven by the enthusiasm of Steve and Coralie Melvin. The garden selectors did the clever stuff and MI CDA undertook to get media coverage and to organise tickets sales and together with our excellent Bus Service, the logistics of moving visitors from garden to garden. Last year all six garden owners agreed to contribute what would have been their share of the ticket price to an Island cause, and as a result over $700.00 was returned to the Magnetic Island Lions Club who are the custodians of the cemetery. In due course they will be blasting and powdercoating the front ironwork of the Cemetery - and this will go towards that cost.

VP 60 was announced at a Townsville City Council meeting at the beginning of the year - and the Association was swift to respond to a mention of support for community initiatives. The result was our VP60 Jitterbug Dance held at Arkies - the site of the original dances of the 1940's, and attended by some 300 keen participants - many who were able to remember the original dances as children or young persons. With the support of Townsville Brass Band, the dancers of Dancetime studios, Doug Edes, Sunferries, MI Bus Service, George Hirst and an enormous team of helper-decorators led by Wendy Macdonald we transformed Arkies and had a great night!

Following a chance discussion with National Parks staff at the end of 2004, the original "goat track" linking Nelly to Arcadia, over the hill above Greystones corner became a real possibility to provide a short term solution to the dangers of walking on the road. And a long term solution to add another scenic link to the network of walking tracks. A partnership between National Parks, TCC and MICDA was formed. We accessed all the permissions and the association was asked to locate $15,000 cash, as our contribution. Russell McCart the developer of No1 Bright Point became our sponsor. The cheque was handed to the Council in June 2005, and though engineering difficulties in making a safe access to the track at the Nelly Bay end, have rather slowed matters down, the top part was completed by National Parks in the latter part of last year and it is due for completion with the access in place in August of this year.

Last year (and again this year) we were delighted to partner with Malcolm Hamilton for the Rebuild Concerts - with 2005 raising a considerable sum towards the Tsunami Appeal."

Lorna Hemstead.

*Note Friends contributed to a number of projects including The Open Garden Day, the VP60 Dance and the Horseshoe Bay Markets.

* * * * *

Arcadia to Nelly Bay Utilities Corridor: Work has commenced on the trench between Arcadia and Nelly Bay which will cause some traffic disruption over the Greystone Corner between October 2006 and February 2007. With some sensible planning by the agencies involved the single trench will house a wastewater line, a new water main and an Ergon power cable.

John Marlton

A Safe Walkway/Bikeway between Arcadia and Nelly Bay:
Magnetic Island Community Development Association and Townsville City Council have entered into an alliance to seek funding from both State and Federal Governments to build a roadside cantilevered walkway/bikeway to join up with the existing walkway at the Greystones Corner. Townsville City Council estimates the walkway to require a budget of over $2 million and have agreed to pay 1/3rd of the cost, placing it in their budget for 2010. A further 1/3rd will be requested from the Federal Government under the Regional Partnerships program and the final amount will be a request via our State Member Mike Reynolds as there is no funding program at State level.

MICDA sees a need on the part of the Island community to demonstrate strong support for this walkway/bikeway proposal. To this end, a Petition was organised during the month of September and over 1300 signatures were collected. This will be used to approach both State and Federal Governments for the remainder of the funding and to encourage TCC to make it a first priority in their budgeting for an earlier starting date. Obviously, a lot of lobbying will be required at all levels of government to achieve a successful outcome and your voice of support would be greatly appreciated. This can be done by emailing directly to the State Member, Mike Reynolds: and Federal Member, Peter Lindsay: . Your name and address, your association with the Island and your support for the walkway/bikeway petition will add further strength to our argument.

"Barry & Toni Sullivan"

Nelly to Picnic Walkway: Work on the walkway between Nelly Bay and Picnic Bay commenced during September 2006.
John Marlton

Do you love Magnetic Island but are a bit short of activities when you get here? If you like learning things and varying your experiences beyond those of the tropical paradise itself, why not try U3A (University of the Third Age). This worldwide voluntary movement is designed to provide fun and learning without any of the formal commitments usually associated with more formal learning. Our small Island U3A operation is very dynamic and activities provide a pleasant social environment. We currently provide: learning to read and play music using a wide range of recorders as the means - experts are very welcome also; Tai Chi at any level that suits you; Spanish language in a delightful self-help format; and the geological, physical and biological functioning of our marine world (currently we are doing coral reefs). We are likely to have another Island botany course by next autumn.

For information, contact Don Kinsey 07 47 581 349 or

The Gustav Creek Catchment Care Group was formed in 2003 by representatives of the three Island community groups - Magnetic Island Community Development Association (MICDA), Magnetic Island Residents and Ratepayers Association (MIRRA) and Magnetic Island Nature Care Association Inc.(MINCA) in a cooperative relationship with Townsville City Council.

The Catchment Care Group applied for and eventually obtained an Envirofund grant to develop a management plan for the Gustav Creek catchment that included provision for works to be undertaken to improve the hydraulic capacity (water flow rate) of the creek. This had become essential following a build up of sand after
the 1998 landslips in Nelly Bay and the later excavation of the mouth of the creek at Nelly Bay harbour.

Major engineering works were undertaken in early 2006 to resolve the problems downstream from the Barton Street bridge where the creekbed is more or less in Council land (Mango Parkway). This area has also been partly revegetated as part of the Envirofund process.

The Catchment Care Group meets regularly with creek bank landowners / residents upstream of Barton Street to work out strategies for monitoring, maintaining and repairing the creek where work is needed. Landowners / residents are encouraged to take an interest in the creek at 'their place' so that any erosion or weed control suggested can be carried out by them or by volunteers with technical supervision from Council's Environmental Management Services.

Participation is completely voluntary but guaranteed to be worthwhile.
For further information please contact Townsville City Council's Environmental Management Services

(TCCEMS) department on 47 27 9520
Charlie McColl

Magnetic Island Bowls Club gets shady.
Earlier this year the Magnetic Island Bowls Club completed the installation of a fully retractable sunshade that covers the entire green. Now members and visitors are enjoying the fresh air without being exposed to the blazing sun. Temperatures are down, unfortunately so are bar sales. Oh well you can't win 'em all.

The bowls club is on Marine Parade in Arcadia and visitors are welcome. Playing days are Sundays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Players should register at least 30 minutes before playing times.

For more information ring 47 785 290 after 1230 on playing days.

Solar Cities
An Ergon led energy consortium has won the right to stage a $30,000,000 major sustainable energy trail in Townsville, with a significant component on Magnetic Island under the Federal Government Solar Energy Program.

Energy efficient products and photovoltaic {P.V.} systems will be installed on selected homes and businesses.

The trial, over a six year period will feature energy conservation techniques and an extensive customer education program.

Learning outcomes from the project will be extended across Queensland and beyond. It is estimated that over the period of the Solar cities project, greenhouse gas emissions will be reduced by 50,000 tonnes- the same benefit as taking 1,700 cars off the road for seven years! Great Stuff.

For more detailed information see Magnetic Island Times at

Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre Inc. is officially a decade old!
The organisation's activities changed direction in March 2005 with the relocation of Butler hut project. In the beginning the emphasis was on the collecting of historical information and memorabilia; most recently the refurbishment of Butler hut as a venue for displaying and presenting that collection is the main focus.

Substantial contributions to the Butler hut project have been received from local donors and through grant programs. Works in progress are a disabled access ramp and stairs, and internal painting of the hut. Funds for further works, including the painting of the outside of the hut and its fit-out, are still being sought.

MIHCC's annual calendar fundraiser has been launched and is very nearly fully subscribed. The 2007 calendar 'Back in those days.' features the spoken, and in some instances, written memories of those who were there, highlighted by a selection of contemporary photographs. This calendar, like preceding publications, is a well illustrated and collectible record of Magnetic Island's unique past.

Zanita. Enquiries 07 47785007 or email

Improve your golf
Visitors to the Magnetic Island Country Club in Hurst St, Picnic Bay can now avail themselves of a professional coach from the Greg Norman Foundation, who is now providing regular coaching for junior golf and other players.

Every day is a playing day. Club Competitions for Ladies are on Thursdays, and for Men are on Saturdays. The Clubhouse is open from 8.00 am daily.
Cameron Walker
47 785 188

Magnetic Island land transport stakeholder questionnaire:
Results are awaited of the questionnaire commissioned by the Townsville City Council which was distributed to all Island residents in June 2006 to assess the Island's transport needs for the next 20 years.
John Marlton

An Island Icon: the Picnic Bay Jetty - Refurbishment & Restoration: Call for Comment The Picnic Bay Jetty, which was the embarkation point for the island ferry services before the opening in 2003 of the Nelly Bay Harbour, has been entered on the Queensland Heritage Register (Place ID 602231) given the cultural significance of the jetty to the Magnetic Island and Townsville communities. The Jetty was decommissioned as a public transport (vessel berthing) facility in 2005 by Queensland Transport., which owns the Jetty.

Queensland Transport now proposes to refurbish and restore the Jetty for community use as a promenade, viewing and fishing platform and for other approved activities. Because of the heritage listing, this proposal requires the approval of the Queensland Heritage Council (QHC).

A public notice on 7 October calls for submissions to QHC by 30 October. In September informal consultation has taken place between Queensland Transport and the Environmental Protection Agency/Queensland Heritage Council and the Magnetic Island Community Development Association, the Magnetic Island Nature Care Association and Magnetic Island History and Craft Centre. It is expected that formal submissions will be made to QHC by these groups and other interested parties. The application to QHC has been made available for viewing at the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service Office in Picnic Bay and at the Townsville Library.

Representations, quoting project reference no. 246974, should be addressed to the Queensland Heritage Council, c/- Manager, Cultural Heritage, Northern Region, Environmental Protection Agency, PO Box 5391, Townsville, 4810, to be received by 30 October 2006.

Letters to Friends

We asked Del Turnbull, who deserves much credit for the outcome of the Horseshoe Bay Treatment Plant and its surrounds, to share some thoughts with us.

What do my eyes see?
What does my singing heart hear?
A garden with trees and birds in abundance,
A garden for all to enjoy...please come and share.
On your privileged holidays, life has treated you well.
My beautiful haven of tranquillity and bird song..all in the
Precincts of Horseshoe Bay new waste water (golden rain)
Treatment plant. Our treasured Engineers, Environmentalists,
Twitchers and so many who care for our little critters.
The wetlands, my favourite tramping ground for over a decade
Are saved for your great grand children to explore. May your holidays
Be enhanced by all the people who cared.

Del Turnbull, October 2006.
47 785792

Dear Friends
It seems I've arrived home to the island this trip amid all sorts of changes.
The Bob-the-Builder crew are all very busy in Nelly Bay and the Tonka toys have relocated to Arcadia near the Bowling Club. Horseshoe Bay seems to be a hive of activity on both the shore and in the water with much shiny new water sport equipment being used. Now it is Picnic Bay, which is the serene pleasant place in which to enjoy a quiet coffee. The koalas and curlews must be getting confused I know I am!

The exciting and varied U3A (University of the Third Age), courses seem to be all the go and one could get quite dizzy just trying to remember what's on offer, let alone attempt some of them. It also seems our choir has turned itself into a world class act. WOW, very impressive! But even with all these changes it's still the same Island with it's interesting blend of people and ideas co-ordinating it all.

In contrast to most who have time away catching up with the theatre, shopping and family in large cities, I seem to be spending more and more of my time in an even smaller community, thirty maximum. With others, I volunteer to live and teach on an elegant working model of a famous pilot schooner. Queensland's only Tall Ship the "South Passage" it was built with the aim to educate young men and women through an adventure sail training program utilising a traditional sailing vessel.
The ships constantly changing community provides a very diverse and colourful background in which to work. The groups aboard are derived from children at risk programs, recovery or rehabilitation schemes, disability groups, marine and maritime research groups, and schools with various agendas, even students looking to complete the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme. The non-stop program certainly keeps us all on our toes.

The day-to-day logistics are much the same as trying to organise them on an island. We're still faced with sewerage and garbage disposal issues, communication equipment problems, movement of goods and people, to and from the community to mainland sites, we also have a few extras thrown in, for good measure of course, such as issues to do with masts, sails, halyards, sheets, not to mention on board equipment breakdowns, motors and the tender and of course the weather.
What really keeps us all there and constantly impressed is watching the transformation of those who come aboard. The timid ones who gradually recognise their strengths and gain their confidence and the bullies who realise it is more to their advantage to live peacefully with the remainder of the group.

As we sail along the beautiful eastern coastline of Australia watching the whales and dolphins at play and catching the sunrises and sunsets while learning and sharing my very sparse knowledge of oceanography, navigation and the maritime history with participants, we all learn more about living with co-operation and responsibility.

I am constantly in awe of how beautiful this planet we live on is and of how many adventurous ways we have created to explore it all with.

Marion Lisle Timms

* Please note, while we are happy to publish letters expressing diverse points of view we ask everyone to address the issues not personalities.

NEW MEMBERS: Please send us the name and address or e-mail address of anyone you know who might like to join Friends by contacting Kelly Marlin-Zwa, 2 Jean St., Nelly Bay, 4819, 0747581426,

FINAL ITEM (almost): A special thank you to all contributors, and in particular Peter for bringing it all together.

FINALLY FINAL ITEM: an interesting comment from David Suzuki's recent Townsville address, quoting a colleague he said, "economics is not a science it's a form of brain damage."
Apologies to any economists out there but it was too good a quote to miss

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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Tonia In reply to The ongoing price of Nelly Bay Harbour
It's 14 years since I last visited Maggy. I am shocked by Nelly Bay and saddened. It is insensitive, ugly and juxtaposed to the essence of Maggy. I embrace progress in general, but this is poorly conceived and executed. Shame.
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