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June 4th 2007
MICDA Committee needs replenishing

Lorna Hempstead Last week the MI Community Development Association Annual Generral Meeting was held at the MI Country Club and althought described by President Lorna Hempstead as a "steady as she goes year," the list of achievements and ongoing activities undertaken by this remarkably energetic organisation (listed below) is impressive to say the least.

Ironically it seems, however, that the Association may be a victim of its own success. With a clearly very capable leadership few members were keen to take up the opportunity to fill the shoes of the previous Management Team.

In her address Lorna Hempstead stressed that a number of Officers within the organisation were in great need of replacement. Lorna herself reluctantly accepted the Presidential position for another year, having held the title since 2001, and drew particular attention to the replacement of Secretary, Heike Von Mellenthin who is raising a young family and Treasurer, Megan Absolon who may not be continuing to reside permanently on Magnetic. Apart from an offer to assist the Secretary and Treasurer by Elanor Fitzgerald no other members nominated and the two Officers have agreed to continue for the short term until replacements can be found.

The positions, though vitally important to the organisation, are seen as quite straightforward with plenty of assistance available for those wishing to offer themselves for the formal roles. For more information about what these positions entail, Lorna can be contacted via

It is also apparent that the organisation is broad but decentralised with lots of the roles being filled by various working groups, which lessens the workload for the committee.

To gain an insight into just how much has and is continuing to be achieved in recent years by this vital Island body, Magnetic Times has reproduced the a list of activities below and acknowledgments by Lorna Hempstead of the member's achievements.

Story/file photo: George Hirst

Magnetic Island Community Development Assoc. Current & Recent Activities.
(updated May 2007)

MICDA Working Group: Youth Drama
Project: Grant- Regional Arts Development Fund
Description: Auspicing a grant of $5500 for child-centred drama activities Likely to turn into permanent youth group - 1st term very successful - double the no of children expected, participated.
Status: current

MICDA Working Group: MICDA Youth Visual Arts
Project: Grant - TCC Councillors discretionary grants
Description: Auspicing a grant to support a youth arts group visual art exhibition on June Long Weekend.
Status: current

MICDA Working Group: MICDA- Fauna Care
Project: Grant- Gambling Community Fund for animal enclosure
Description: Sourcing $5,000 in grants to erect a fully enclosed structure to house wallabies and large birds during pre-release.
Status: current

MICDA Working Group: Heritage Infrastructure Planning (HIP)
Project: Nelly- Arcadia Walkway
Description: development of old "Goat track" as safe short term alternative to walking the road, in partnership with National Parks and TCC. Raised business funding of $15.000
Status:current, just completed

MICDA Project: Community Facility
Description: consulting with TCC to pin-point a building for community groups and individuals for community activities
Status: current

MICDA Working Group: HIP
Project- World Heritage Status of Magnetic Island
Description: follow up to Kenchington Report re/ criteria assessment current

MICDA Working Group: Tourism
Description: This group will operate as "Tourism Magnetic Island" and will be underway in June
Status: current

MICDA Working Group: HIP
Description: making representations with regard to long-term well-being of the island and its residents, collaborating with all three levels of government on a broad range of issues (World Heritage, infrastructure, making submissions to TCC re non-complying or unsuitable development
Status: on-going

MICDA Working Group: MI Fauna Care (MIFCO) auspiced by MICDA
Description: providing information, rehabilitation and release of injured wild life (See also grant applic above)
Status: on-going

MICDA Working Group: Friends of Magnetic Island
Description: keeping interested guests and part-time residents informed on island issues via newsletters, organising events on MI
Status: on-going

MICDA Working Group: Community (office) equipment
Description: seeking funding, providing and maintaining diverse equipment for use by the community (photocopier, computer, scanner, portable PA system, lectern MI information library.)
Status: on-going

MICDA Project: Event- Horseshoe Bay Markets
Description: regular markets being held under MICDA's auspices
Status: on-going

MICDA Working Group: Island Update
Description: Regular Newsletter featuring upcoming projects and events delivered free oc charge to every household & business, and email to the "Island absentees" list
Status: On-going

MICDA Project: MICDA Cultural Fest (working title)
Description: EVENT Weekend festival centred in Horseshoe Bay 29 + 30th Sept - Status: funding being finalised

MICDA Project: Butts out campaign
Description: distribution of bright red containers to smokers; butts are not dumped on beaches/ in parks etc, but disposed of safely and sensibly (sold at cost $2.00)
Status: on-going

MICDA Project: New Residents and Block Owners Kits
Description: comprehensive kit with TCC and hands on local information (rubbish run, gardening tips, ferry/bus/library timetable, etc) distributed free to new residents and block owners
Status: on-going

MICDA- MI Nature Care Project: Gustav Creek Catchment Care
Description: work on the joint project regarding weed control and rubbish removal
Status: on-going

MICDA Forum: Water Matters Alliance
Description: representing the community on issues connected to the new treatment plant at HSB;revegetation and dune restoration of old treatment plant site, dry tropics rainforest garden, weed control plan
Status: on-going

MICDA Forum: Townsville Port Authority
Description: representing the community on issues connected to the waters around Magnetic Island and Ross River/ Creek, Parking solutions
Status: on-going

Qld Health & MICDA project: Battle of the Bays
Description: Maggie's Biggest ever Trivia/ Quiz night
Status: 2007 and funding for 2008 -2009

MICDA - MI Nature Care Event: Clean up Maggie
Description: organising and hands on involvement in rubbish collection and removal island wide
Status: yearly event

MICDA Event: Australia Open Gardens Scheme
Description: organising media coverage, ticket sales, busses; raised funds are contributed towards island projects
Status: yearly event

MICDA Event- Schoolies
Description: auspicing funding, participating in coordination and hands on help during event
Status: yearly event

MICDA Project- Christmas Opening Hours
Description: collection of opening hours of all island restaurants, food and petrol outlets, health services
Status: yearly event

MICDA Project Christmas Lights and Decorations Competition
Annual - with prizes and bus tours (from Mainland) 4 yrs, 2002-2005 did not take place in 2006
Status: Has been annual - under review

MICDA & MI Rotary Grant
Description: Upgrade of Gerry Wynn Memorial Public Pool
auspicing and coordination of grant in cooperation with P & C and MI State School
Status: completed 2006

MICDA- Fauna Care Grant- TCC Small Grants Scheme
Description: Auspiced grant to support production of bookmark with emergency instructions helping injured wildlife/ ph help line
Status: completed 2006

MICDA- Bike Group
Project: Submission to TCC's Land Transport study
Description: detailed suggestions & contributions to general infrastructure, sharing roads, blackspots, future planning
Status: completed 2006

MICDA group: HIP
Project: World Heritage Attributes and Values Identified for MI
initiating and contributing towards completion of report by Federal Department of the Environment and Heritage
Status: completed 2005

MICDA Event- VP 60 Celebrations
Description: responsible for general organisation and coordination of celebration (brass band, dancers from Dancetime studios, Doug Edes, Sunferries, etc)
Status: completed 2005

MICDA Grant: TV Black Spots Programme
Description: participation in Federal Programme to provide free to air TV and Radio to all residents of MI, total project worth $ 300.000
completed 2006
Project- Disability access to and around Magnetic Island
initiated and collaborated in the production of comprehensive report on accessibility of MI facilities (public and commercial)
Status: completed 2005

Thanks to the Management Team 2006
Secretary: Heike Von Mellenthin and Don Glasson
Treasurer: Megan Absolon
Membership: Allison Hope
Committee Member (and past Treasurer): Peter Edwards-Davis
Photocopier Care and Billing: Martin Gibson
Photocopier Key: Zanita Davies / MI Nursery
Tourism: Thea Eastwood
Nelly -Arcadia Walking Tracks / Pedestrian Walkway: Barry Sullivan
New Residents & Block Owners Kits: Marie de Monchaux
Friends: John Marlton, Kelly Zwa, Carol Pemberton, Judy Finlay
Horseshoe Bay Markets: Di Mackie, David Stafford, Zara Frost
Bike Riders: Richard Pountney
Heritage, Infrastructure & Planning: Tania Thoreau, Libby Illidge (& 10 active
Schoolies: Kay Major
Island Theatre (adults): Barbara White

Port Authority Consultative Committee: Allison Hope / Tania Thoreau
Water Matters Consultative Group: Heike von Mellenthin / Brett Flemming

Associated Group:
Wildlife Carers: Jenny Lyneham

President: Lorna Hempstead

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