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July 28th 2006
Poem by Rando Wood

Rando Wood has been enjoying many of the contributions to magnetictimes.poetry and writes, "I've spent a bit of time leafing through my fifty-cents (and two dollar!) exercise books and can't find anything worth sending. However, my mind keeps going back to a short one, several years old, that still speaks to me."


The present is just a myth.

It never existed
And doesn't exist
And never will.

Yet all around us
And suffocating us
Cramps the past.

All around us
The past continues
To haunt
And enchant us
With its presence.

Floating, forever, into the future,
The future forever forcing
Itself upon us,
We move, forever, into the future -
The present does not exist.

Rando Wood

Poem by Rando Wood
Mal H
August 2nd 2006
I enjoyed your poem Rando.The future is unknown, the now is elusive and the past is immutable, no matter what the spin-doctors say.
I agree that it is difficult to be totally subjective about our own creations- they are the children of our thought.How can we truly and fairly judge them?
I thank you for your kind words on my own efforts.Such responses give me much encouragement.
Angela Cunnane
October 2nd 2006
This is wonderful Rando, even though, as I try to live a Buddhist philosophy, I believe there is nothing but "now" I work hard on living in the present but of course the past calls to us all with "if only" and the future tempts us with "maybe one day"
Your words are beautiful so I for one would love to read some more from your "fifty-cents exercise books"
Angela Cunnane

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