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June 26th 2006
Magnetic memories

Hello, I have just stumbled across your web site on the net, It bought back memories of Magnetic Island and Picnic Bay for me.

In 1970 (I was 10) my family, Mum, Dad and Brother arrived on the island to live. We were fresh off the boat from England (ten pound poms)my Father was offered a job as a Teacher at Townsville High School.

We lived in Picnic Bay (Picnic Bay Road) and I went to school on the Island, traveling to school in an old fashioned bus. We left the Island shortly after Cyclone Althea and moved down to Williamstown nr Melbourne and eventually left Australia two years later.

Sadly Mum and Dad were very homesick. So we had to leave your beautiful country behind.

I have fond memories of the out door cinema, swimming in the safety of the shark cage, sea wasp season, fruit bats, green tree frogs and all the wonderful wildlife. The bushfires and certainly the Cyclone which took the roof off our house!!!Oh and fishing off the jetty with Victor (fish for my cat) Thanks for bringing it all back to me. Eve Dawson

Magnetic memories
Pat Trewin
April 25th 2007
Coming 'Home'
Born in Townsville in 1946, I first visited Maggie at three months old on a day trip with my parents - I still have the box-brownie photo! Dad was in the RAAF and of course we subsequently travelled around a lot, including a posting back to Townsville in 1957-58, when my younger brother was also introduced to the island - I have those photos too!
When I married in 1969 we honeymooned on my favourite island, staying in a cabins at Arcadia on one of the most beautiful holidays I ever had.
I've been back twice since, the first time to buy my block of land at Horseshoe Bay, and the second time just because I love the place so much.
I know to many long-term residents it has changed a lot and you probably don't appreciate us southerners moving in. I've seen the changes too, but I have so many happy memories of Maggie and I'm delighted to say I'm now starting to build my new home and hope to move in early next year. This has been a dream of mine for many years now, and I can hardly believe I'm lucky enough to have the opportunity to live on the island. To me it's very much like coming 'home' and I am so looking forward to living among you and being a Queenslander once again.
Pat Trewin
Erin Cowell
March 22nd 2008
Hi - I am not sure this is the right place - but here goes. I am tracing my family. I was born and raised in Townsville but live in the UK now. My G-grandmother immigrated to Tville in 1888. Her husband (according to rates recs) owned a property in 6th Avenue, Nelly Bay. He was a Mr William Milne. I don't know whatever happened to it . Does anyone remember this family or perhaps the Andersons and if the property still exists. He still owned it I think in 1949. I would be really grateful - Wish I owned a house on the Island - it was my favourite thing about growing up in Townsville.


Erin Cowell(nee Sullivan)
Robert James Butler
January 9th 2011
I am looking for family history/information on the family known as Joseph Frederick Butler, Emily Butler nee Williams. Possibly the 1880s, My father was Frederick James Butler who was born either in Townsville or on the Island. Any information would be appreciated, we are putting together a family history.

Regards Robert Butler,
Goulburn NSW
Melissa McCabe
February 7th 2011
My family (Jacksons, Joe, Audrey, David and Ruby. Aarons, Paul and Cass. Lee, John and Lorrelle. Farrell, Dennis and Betty) all lived on the island for a few years including 1971's Althea. They owned businesses in Picnic Bay ie- Fish and Chip shop, aquarium etc. Does anyone remember them??? An enquiring grandaughter would love to know!
D. Taylor
February 10th 2011
I was on Magnetic Island and worked for the Jackson's. Do you have an email address for the grandaughter.

D. Taylor
D. Taylor
March 10th 2011
Would like to hear from the grandaughter of the Jackson family. I was the Canadian fellow who worked for the Jackson's when they had the Picnic Bay Store before it was destroyed by Althea.
My email is

I am now living in Dawson City, Yukon
D. Taylor
July 26th 2011
Would like to hear from the grandaughter of the Jackson family, I worked for them in one of their stores.
D. Taylor
October 21st 2011
Still trying to get in touch with the Grandaughter of the Jackson family

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