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June 15th 2006
Poems by Helene Rankin

Helene Rankin in Tibet Helene Rankin is a Magnetic Island artist and songwriter.

The Friendship Highway

We rode the Friendship Highway
Milarepa called it the highway to Hell
Everybody who went had a story
Maybe they didn't want to tell
For some it became a great fiction
For others a truth much to raw
At times so surreal it was totally real
I had my eyes open and saw

In the High Passes
All the people fall down
They cry want to live fear they might die
Some will live one will die
I didn't want to die
Struggled to live and I survived

We rode the Friendship Highway
And went into the land of snows
People there have lost all their freedom
Look in their eyes it really shows
For some there is hope in the future
For others it's far far too late
Year after year of bloodshed and tears
Has turned all their love into pain

In the high passes
Flags are blowing
The sky is glowing
Prayers are blowing everywhere
There's just no air
No air no where no air
There's no air anywhere

We rode the Friendship Highway
Within a land that isn't free
Go right to jail for just one picture
While they count the loot in the monastery
For some the real practice is hidden
For others they just must escape
Mountains so high they melt into sky
The only thing blocking their way

In the High Passes
It isn't safe to stay
No oxygen comes your way
We stayed anyway and with life we paid
Your life You lost your life
And so for you I pray.

Huang Po

Hold no thought don't get caught
now is bought
at that cost
Don't pick it up don't get stuck
don't drift off
don't get lost
Stand nowhere have no care
if you dare
then you must

Let it all go just leave it all alone
If you don't know then everything is seen
then dharmakaya shows
Only abandon all conceptual thought
Oh Ye Seekers
Could you abandon all conceptual thought
Huang Po did it
If you could if you could abandon
then you would understand

Release Release Let go for peace
Give it up.
Let grasping cease
now let it be as it is
Don't hold on you'll go wrong
Be undone
won't you please?

As for mind don't bind it
Let it rest
at ease
Rest like this feel great bliss
You'll be undeceived
Hold no view
Know that you are
Already free

Nothing to do
No me No you
no us
All you will find
If you look is your mind
Awake! Awake!
How long will you take
To wake up??


Have you heard the Noble Truths
Has the Buddha shown you proof
Did you plant the seeds inside your heart?
I just want to meditate
crack my mind I just can't wait
Now's the time so now's the time I'll start.

May you be free live your life in peace
Give thanks as you please
Don't shoot your guns at me

Jesus said the way was love
And we were saved through God above
Holy spirit fills you and you know
I just want to lift my voice
Up in praise and rejoice
Everything we reap is what we've sown.

Pagans dance a different tune
Midsummers night beneath the moon
Mother Earth a Goddess in the night
As above so below
Love is a charm to make good grow
May you blessed be and full of light.

May you be free Live your life in peace
Give Thanks as you please
Don't drop your bombs on me.

We don't want war we don't want hate
Why can't we all co-operate
So all our children have a chance to live
See with your hearts and don't be blind
We're all the same we're humankind
I wish you joy and wish you'd let me be.

There's too much aggression
I think we need
A different kind of lesson
Kindness Tolerence Gentleness

Poems by Helene Rankin
June 22nd 2006
Just beautiful Helen.
rando wood
July 9th 2006
Helene, Editor, other readers: I am having a ball delighting in your creations. Things that have never existed before bring such joy to the discoverer. What is it about Magnetic Island that produces such eloquent, expressive and gently-harmonious poetry? Unlock the secret and whisper it to me soon.
Angela Cunnane
July 19th 2006
Namaste Helen.
June 12th 2007
Your words are beautifully true. I want to hear them sung. I want the world to hear them sung. Love love love
September 12th 2007
Your words, full of feeling, ripe with meaning,
flow from a heart that is true.
Beings rejoyce at the sound of your voice.
So sing you songs and keep dreaming.
Desert Eagle
September 17th 2007
inspirational words from a beautiful person and truly great mind.
October 1st 2007
Hey it's Reece. Marks (braggins) cousin. Just wanted to let you know I really like your poems, and hopefully I can get down soon to hear you guys play.

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