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June 14th 2006
Welcome to magnetictimes.poetry

Detail City of Adelaide Ever felt a poetic urge? Inspired perhaps by the beauty of Magnetic or the life of the Island? Got a song you've written with lyrics you'd like to share? It doesn't matter what the inspiration, we want to post your poems on any subject you like because is launching a new poetry section and we are game if you are. So, poets of the Island and the world - just write - and we will post the results for our 90,000 monthly, world-wide readers to enjoy.

We do have some conditions however and they are that if the poems are defamatory or offensive will retain editorial discretion and reserve the right not to publish them. By posting the poem to us you agree to allow us the right to publish your work and we also insist that the poems must be presented to us electronically - preferably by email or on a disk.

To lead by example this editor is taking the first plunge by presenting his poem and song in search of a tune.

At the end of the day

If you listen to radio
TV or chat
there's a bunch of words
that keep coming back

Everybody's saying it
it's like a conspiracy
that everything will be OK
and it's not up to you and me

At the end of the day
have you heard that before?
at the end of the day
let's hear it once more
at the end of the day
what else can you say
at the end of the day.

There used to be results
but they became outcomes
We use to get over
but now we need closure
Id rather a sunset over the bay
but now that's just something
At the end of the day!

At the end of the day
It's supposed to work out
at the end of the day
there'll be no need to shout

At the end of the day
I hear what you say
but if you think about it now
it'll just get in the way

At the end of the day
have you heard that before?
at the end of the day
let's hear it once more
at the end of the day
what else can you say
at the end of the day.

At the end of the day
the problem will pass
we'll be in the future
and it'll be in the past
so there's nothing to it
there nothin more so say
at the end of the day
its all gone away
at the end of the day
at the end of the day

Welcome to magnetictimes.poetry
Simon Woodley
June 15th 2006
Dear Ed I think your poetry initiative is commendable. Recently I was in a second-hand bookshop looking at poetry books. The owner said that they could\'nt get enough and that men were big buyers paticularly around the time of the full moon. Note the timing of your announcement!
rando wood
July 9th 2006
Hi, Ed, I think George's rhyming is a little forced at times, but his sentiments are wonderful and most welcome to me sitting here, shivering, in the Adelaide Hills, surfing the Maggie websites. I had the pleasure of a one-day-only visit (pathetic, eh?)to Maggie courtesy of some friends in Townsville two years ago. I still haven't recovered from the stunning beaches, tame kookaburras (though one bit my nose and made it bleed), rainbow lorikeets, fascinating septic sewerage treatment system (still $25 per week?), and just incredible calm and peace of the place. Has anyone found the piece of my heart I left there two years ago? Poems to follow ...
Angela Cunnane
July 19th 2006
Dear Ed, just for fun...

I get your emails,you seem like a mate
Magnetic Island, Lord you make it look great

So, if ever I come up on the lotto
And manage not to stay blotto


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