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June 2nd 2006
Winter bird count this weekend

Island Bird Count Coordinator Chris Corbett Greeting Bird Lovers. It's that time of year again. That's right, time to get out and enjoy your gardens, walking tracks, acreages, beaches and rocky shores and count birds while you do it. It costs nothing but your time and we would love your contribution.

So far the data collected by keen Rock birders has been accessed by Local, State and Federal Government agencies and used to support some very positive environmental decision making. I'm sure the birds are appreciative of your efforts to preserve their remaining habitat in this piece of paradise. Please join us for the:



*Contact Chris Corbett if you want to join a count team on any of the days.

*Count your garden birds - particularly your Bush Curlews and Orange Footed Scrub Fowl

*Count an area eg Arcadia Beach, Sports & Rec club grounds

*Record the Species Name and the Number of birds you see. eg. Rainbow Lorikeets 25, Sulphur Crested Cockatoos 12

*Count on 1,2 or all 3 days

*Clearly indicate which day birds were counted and in what area

*If you are unsure of the Species name give a brief description or use the common name you are familiar with eg. 3 Leather Heads ( Noisy Friarbirds)

*COUNT your night birds. We have Boobook and Barking Owls on the Island and nightjars. Look on your verandahs, the light poles and your TV antaneas.

*If you are unsure which Owl - The Boobook's are quite small round looking owls and the Barking Owls are quite big (double Bookbook size). Boobooks make a soft hooting and Barking owls 'bark' and call 'whoo Hoo'

Please email or drop your lists off to me:
Chris Corbett
87 Kelly St, Nelly Bay
Ph: 47 581 750

Chris Corbett

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What a wonderful outcome for the school! I had a great time face-painting with Luke and Sasha, met lots of kids and parents,scored some great books at the Trash n Treasure stall, and even remembered to vote. Everywhere you looked people were enjoying themselves...such a tribute to the organisers. Well done!
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