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February 25th 2006
Calling Island teenagers

Organising the Bash on Magnetic If you are a Magnetic Island teenager then the NSW Variety Club, part of the World's largest Children's Charity, wants to hear from you very soon. They are headed this way for a "Magnetic Island Bash" in July and want to make a gift of some kind that Magnetic Island teenagers in particular can share and enjoy. Only problem is, they don't know what Island teenagers would like and they need to know fast.

Variety Club Event's Manager, Mr Stuart Telfer and club volunteer Mr Ian Bignal, met with a range of community representatives at Community Development Association President Lorna Hempstead's house today to outline their plans and needs for the member's "Bash" on Magnetic.

The Variety Club are famous for their generosity to young people and the amazing cavalcades called "Bashes" in which they set off across Australia visiting many towns along the way, have loads of fun and donate to local causes which benefit young people to 18 years.

When they arrive in July they are seeking local help to provide a lunch for the 400 odd Bash members at the far end of Horseshoe Bay beach. The event will provide an opportunity for local community groups to raise funds from the widely roaming group who will have travelled in from Hughenden.

That isn't the only way the Club helps communities however. Stuart Telfer told the meeting, that when the club comes to a place they like to help out the school, children-related organisations or young people with particular needs. These can range hugely from a $232,000.00 digital audio / radio / Life bridge they donated to the Neonatal Emergency Transport Service at Westmead NSW to playground equipment or wheelchairs for disabled youngsters. In 2004 the Club donated $3.2 million to children's organisations and individuals.

But, for the Island's young people to benefit, the club needs to know on or about March 4, what their wish list would be. The wish lists have to go through the Club's committee before the members, who each raise over $8,500 just to join the bash, can get out and start their appeal.

"We don't give money but mostly equipment. We look for something our members can see," said Stuart Telfer.

NSW Variety Club Bash organisers Ian Bignal and Stuart Telfer

With the suggestion from Lorna Hempstead, that the Island's teenagers are often overlooked in the funding of infrastructure on the Island, the meeting agreed to attempt to find out what teenagers might like to have provided for them by the Variety Club. To make this happen fast, with such a short deadline, professional youth workers and recent arrivals to Magnetic, Kay Major and Tony Delaney will be conducting a survey shortly on the school ferries to find out what teenagers might want.

Magnetic Times' teenage readers are urged to either contact Kay and Tony at their email address: or phone them on 4778 5360 with any ideas or enquiries or discuss it with their friends in advance of the ferry survey.

What do you think? Send us your comments.

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suemac In reply to Fair raises $15,000 for school
Well done everyone! Once again our fabulous community had a great day out and raised funds for a deserving cause - pat on back to all.
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