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June 9th 2005
Help abused kids with your mortgage

If you are considering purchasing a unit or house on Magnetic and are looking for a mortgage broker there is now a way to take out that loan and help others in great need and distress, namely abused and neglected children.

It may not be well known but, last year in Queensland alone, there were 35,000 children reported to authorities as having been abused or neglected.

Another little known fact is that most mortgage brokers receive commissions from the banks for arranging home loans with new home buyers.

But a new mortgage broking firm has taken radical new steps to ensure abused and neglected children in the northern region are the real beneficiaries when a successful mortgage is negotiated. Charity Fund Australia has decided to donate a large percentage of all commissions they earn to support registered charities, including the Abused Child Trust.

Charity Fund, like all financial brokers, is paid a commission by the lenders upon the sale of loans. But that's where the similarity ends.

Instead of the commission being absorbed by Charity Fund, the organisation has pledged to donate a large portion to the Abused Child Trust on behalf of the borrower. The amount of each commission depends upon which financial institution the borrower chooses, and the size of the loan.

Charity Fund Australia Director Melita Grybaitis said the Abused Child Trust could potentially receive thousands of dollars given the real estate boom in North Queensland.

"Finding a new home or investment opportunity is an exciting and joyful time for our clients," Ms Grybaitis said.

"We believe very strongly in our responsibility to the community, so we are spreading this excitement and joy to some of society's most vulnerable members - abused and neglected kids."

The Minister for Child Safety Mike Reynolds said the partnership between the Abused Child Trust and the Charity Fund was a fantastic opportunity for North Queenslanders to show support for local charities without having to dig deep into their own pockets.

"I'm sure more people would like to be able to give to charity but don't seem to have a lot of money left over at the end of the day, this scheme will have major benefits for everyone," the Minister said.

"It will mean you can still work out your own finances while donating to a very worthwhile organisation like the Abused Child Trust."

Mr Reynolds said the Abused Child Trust did a fantastic job of working with the state's most vulnerable children and young people but still relied on donations to help fund their work.

"Schemes like this one can boost charities significantly, and it is worthwhile thinking about it next time you are working out your loan or finances."

Charity Fund Australia recognises the efforts being made by the Abused Child Trust to raise the vital funds needed to provide health, counselling, and education services that help break the cycle of child abuse and neglect throughout Queensland.

By using Charity Fund financial services to achieve their goals and dreams, borrowers can also help provide a happy and safe community for our abused and neglected children.

To get some idea of just how much Charity Fund donates from each loan amount, a loan of $200,000 will see $420 of the commission go to the Abused Child Trust. The amounts rise proportionally up to a $2,000,000 loan which would see the Abused Child Trust receive $7,150
For more information contact:
Jodi Hamilton
Abused Child Trust
Ph: 07 4779 0611
Mobile: 0408 196 449


Melita Grybaitis
Charity Fund Australia
Mob: 0411 220 227

Help abused kids with your mortgage
Kylie Harwood
May 11th 2007
Good stuff! What a wonderful incentive when purchasing a home. Thankyou for restoring my faith in the system! It is good to know that a business such as this is taking part in such a worthwhile cause. Well done and worth considering everyone!
August 8th 2007
i've just read your story regarding commisions from loans going to the abused kids fund.
what a great idea, a fantastic way to help,we are in melbourne, and have visited and worked on your beautiful island, now as a family we are considering buying a property, i will be getting in touch with the fund to find out how we can be a part of this too. best of luck....joanne & family

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