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October 30th 2004
Calling all Friends of Magnetic Island

John Marlton and Kelly Marlin A new group has formed and is calling on all "Friends of Magnetic Island" both on the Island and off to get in touch for fun and friendship but also for a little help when needed.

Like many a good idea on Magnetic Island it began on the back of the ferry with a couple of friends who decided it would be great if all the people who visit, know and love Magnetic Island, but who may not necessarily live here, were to get in touch with each other through an organisation of friends who can get to know each other and make new friends as well as support, lobby for and contribute their skills talents and money if necessary, to benefit the Island. It was to be called: Friends of Magnetic Island!

The couple with the idea was Island resident Kelly Marlin and, part-time resident, John Marlton. Kelly had been a co-owner of Art 'n' Tarts caf

Calling all Friends of Magnetic Island
Jenny Perriss
June 3rd 2007

Great idea to connect with people who have visited Maggie
March 15th 2008
Hello, Born 1958, grew up on maggy, my parents ran 2 picture theartres,(picnic bay & arcadia), electrical buisness, multiple shops, tv hire, etc etc. lived in picnic bay on beach front in between hotel & shops. our old house (if it still exist)had shops built in front of it. If memory serves your above photo was taken in florence bay.Last visit was some years ago and feel maggy has lost most of its charm due to overdevelopment,But glad to see not totally. I have many fond memorys of growing up in the 60's & 70's. as well as the sad times, massive fire, floods, cyclone (althea).Great to hear you are enjoying it. Cheers Peter.

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