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January 1st 2009
Yoga with Dani Ceccarelli

Yoga Warriors "You don't need strength or flexibility to start yoga, but they're inevitable by-products of regular Yoga practice.

Dani's Yoga classes (regular Tuesday and Saturday classes) start again for 2009 on Saturday the 14th of February.

On the island, you can take that step in a familiar environment, with people from your community," says Dani Ceccarelli, a dedicated yoga practitioner since 1996, who has been teaching yoga on Magnetic Island and in Townsville since 2000.

Dani is a direct student of Sri K. Pattabhi Jois of Mysore, the current Guru of Ashtanga Yoga. She continues to travel to India and elsewhere whenever possible to further her own practice, knowledge and the inspiration to pass on what she knows.

Dani practices Yoga in Mysore (India)

As well as studying directly with the Guru and his grandson, Sharath Rangaswamy, Dani has studied with Manju Jois, Eileen Hall, Richard Clarke, and Greg and Tracy Cooper.

Dani believes that the same style and intensity of Yoga does not suit everyone, and continues to study other styles of yoga, including Iyengar Yoga (based on precision of body alignment and the use of props), Hatha Yoga (aiming to balance the 'light' and 'dark' sides of each individual) and Yoga Synergy (a flowing style combining a number of Yoga traditions with modern physiotherapy principles).

Familiarity with a range of Yoga styles gives Dani the ability to modify traditional Yoga poses in a way that enables everyone to practise them.

Here is a short guide to help you decide where to begin:

Hatha Yoga (Tuesdays 9.00am- 10.15am)
This class is ideal for both beginners and more experienced practitioners. It offers a chance to learn the traditional yoga poses, and to explore how they can be modified to suit all ages, to alleviate physical problems and to increase body and breath awareness.

Ashtanga Yoga (Saturday 9.30 - 11am)
Take your Ashtanga Yoga practice further, or learn it from scratch, and take as long as you like. Many people derive benefits from this practice even after only a few weeks: better strength and flexibility, increased energy levels and stamina, and a greater capacity to be focussed, calm and happy. For more on Ashtanga yoga (click here)

Special Workshops
These are held throughout the year. Recently, authorized Ashtanga Yoga teacher Karyn Grenfell from Melbourne taught a week-long workshop at the 'Yoga House'. It was attended by 13 Yoga students from Melbourne and four local island students. According to Dani, "Everyone had a great week, and hopefully, we can invite visiting teachers here again soon. Stay tuned for the next workshop!"

Dani's classes are conducted at the 'Yoga House' her home in Nelly Bay.

Dani is always happy to tell you much more about yoga and her classes and can be contacted on (07) 4758 1866 or emailed:


Yoga with Dani Ceccarelli
August 27th 2005
Hello Dani

I look forward to meeting you I am comming out from England to start a Dream Life on Maggies I am 50 years young and have always wanted to try Yoga but never properly did !! but now I am very lucky to have the oppertunity to a new life and so a new healthy body and relaxed mind would be the ulitmate Iceing on the cake.

Kindest regards


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