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June 2nd 2004
Maggie 2nd in Oz for schoolies

Mates Trudie and Tanya at last years foam party A nation-wide review of schoolies' destinations by 2003 schoolies, has rated Magnetic Island No 2 in Australia as the place to go.

The ratings were determined from information supplied by former schoolies from across Australia and support services working with young people on the ground at the various schoolies' destinations around the country.

First was the Sunshine Coast with Magnetic Island and the Whitsundays equal second. Victor Harbour (SA) ranked third while the Gold Coast ranked equal fourth with Byron Bay and Coffs Harbor.

Total scores by destination were:

9 - Sunshine Coast (Qld)

7 - Magnetic Island, Whitsundays (Qld)

6 - Victor Harbor (SA)

4 - Gold Coast (Qld), Byron Bay (NSW), Coffs Harbor (NSW)

3 - Lorne (VIC) / Busselton (WA) / Rottnest Island (WA)

The ratings were finalized by a focus group of 8 former Schoolies in conjunction with the Director of Rebeccas Community (Dominic Mapstone) for the National Schoolies Website

Each destination was marked across seven criteria including:

Local Welcome: We felt that the locals were positive or at least neutral about having schoolies there.

Police Impact: There were enough Police to feel safe, but not too many that we were over-policed or unable to enjoy Schoolies because of the police presence.

Support Services: There were relevant and effective support services available, especially for schoolies who are in crisis.

Tourist Destination: The range of things to do, natural beauty, we would holiday there again.

Schoolies Entertainment / Activities: Good activities or entertainment either exclusive to schoolies or are occurring because it's Schoolies Week.

Presence of Predators: The concern that we may be violently or sexually assaulted by non-Schoolies who were specifically targeting Schoolies.

Number of other schoolies: There were enough other schoolies at the destination to 'make the party,' versus there really needed to be more schoolies.

Destinations were marked against the criteria using the following scores:

2 - very positive

1 - positive

0 - neutral

-1 - negative

-2 - very negative

Schoolies' ratings of Australian destinations

According to the survey Magnetic Island and the Whitsundays ranked well as, "Maggie Island and the Whitsundays are the most receptive to Schoolies; Maggie and the Whitsundays were the destinations where schoolies felt most safe from predators; Maggie Island is still very much an emerging destination, with a small group of schoolies (400 in 2003), yet double the 200 schoolies in 2002; The laid back, relaxed feeling is a draw-card that could easily see 2,000 Schoolies on Maggie for Schoolies 2005".

The report comments that, "These destinations (Magnetic and Whitsundays) will continue to grow in popularity as young people are increasingly asking 'Where will we go for Schoolies?' instead of 'What hotel at the Gold Coast will we book at?'

Maggie 2nd in Oz for schoolies
March 28th 2005
I went to the Whitsundays and it was the best time ever. You felt safe because there was no ill intent towards anyone, you met new people there was no drugs or alcohol and the activities provided where the best. To name a few sailing, snorkeling, jet skiing, parasailing, tube riding, gaming room, swimming, bush walks and a lot more. You see I went with the group called 'Backflip'. I don't think it gets much better than that. hey at least i remember everything.
November 5th 2005
I'm from Sydney and my friends and i went to maggie for our schoolies 2003 for something a bit different to everyone else. And i just have to say that i had the best time of my life! All the locals were just so welcoming we just felt right at home straight away and didnt want to leave! Whilst island life is a bit different to what we're used to in the city, it was just the safest most relaxing atmosphere to be in and we thank all the locals and other schoolies for helping us create memories we will never forget!
November 24th 2006
I am a party girl, so the idea of non alcohol and drugs event I liked, Though lots of people still got drunk, but in a fun way and not too wasted...Registering took too long, and I really pitty those who missed out on the dance party on sunday, DJ OBBI from lasers DJ's 'who did all the dance parties on Ingham RD' was awsom !!!! Iv'e been to lot's of dance paties and no one comes close to DJ OBBI. PATRY ON GUYS
March 27th 2013
Me and my friends had an amazing trip at Magnetic Island Schoolies. It's a BLAST! we've splurged our hotness at the beach with some cool chics! good stuff! haha..

There's also a cool band played alternative music which really ROCKED! Non-stop dancin and partying all night. I really loved the drinks I've had "Hands down"!

We're about to book to another island but my bro spoke to this guy, working with a travel agent called "Sure Thing Schoolies Travel" who actually did plan everything for us to be in Magnetic Island. Thanks to Sure Thing! ;)

Totally SicK experience we had! Sure will visit there again!!

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